In the silence of the evening light,
I reflect upon Your glory and might.

Holy is Your precious name!

Glimmering stars up above,
Reveal your unconditional love . . .
And here below I know it’s so.

Holy is Your precious name!

Then as a new day breaks,
Pleasant is the fragrance of Your grace.
It is so tantalizing to the senses.
The early morning dew
Covers the earth with a mist of blue.
Vibrant sounds of spring
Does another season bring.

Little white lilies with tiny-shaped bells
Peek out among the foliage of green;
How very serene!
A reminder that I am safe
In the shadow of Your wings.
such varieties of growth You share with us.
‘Tis a guarantee that ‘In You we can trust’.

How soothing is the cooing sound of doves
In the gentle evening breeze above.
It, too, assures of Your tender love.

Blessed is His Holy Name!

The blossoming trees, which once were bare;
Now are alive with feathered fowl.
Harmonious melody fills the air;
Joyous song is everywhere!

So majestic is His Holy name!

I can barely comprehend the holiness of Your name,
But will attempt to honor and praise You just the same.
For You bid men and angels to worship You.
United in heavenly chorus, they lift their voice.

Halleluia and praise to the King!”

Reflections of His Love

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