When but a pup, their needs are simple –
Water and puppy chow
are the basics it seems somehow.
And a little treat once in awhile.
But necessary, too, are the potty trips . . .
at least once an hour.

Energy plus seems to be
the order of the day,
as they frolic in endless play.
There are no places, it seems
that are off-limits.
If there’s something to explore,
they’re IN it.
From the garbage can with its wonderful smells
To the toilet bowl . . .
Oh well!

True enjoyment these furry beings bring,
And the mark of their presence
is evidenced on every last thing.
Chewing and marking can’t be helped;
It is just their nature . . . they say.

So, with love and anticipation,
We invite these sweet loving,
Sometimes mischievous pets
into our lives for but awhile.
And yet . . . the question here is:
Who needs who the most?
Them or Us?

“Who Needs Who”?

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